17 February 2014

First Week as Homeowners in the Books

We survived our first week as homeowners!  In the last week, we've done everything from ordering oil to moving to shoveling a serious amount of snow.  I didn't think our driveway was very big until I had to shovel it.  My arms are still sore!

Happy/Flustered/Excited/Terrified Homeowners

Shoveling our driveway gave us an opportunity to meet some of our neighbors.  I learned so much about the history of our street and the neighbors who've lived on it.  Everyone has been so nice and approachable.  A man passing by on his morning walk told me how lucky we are to have found this house and street.  It seems like there is a strong sense of community and a deep desire to preserve the great qualities of the neighborhood.

I already know some things I want to change in the house.  The oven was at the top of the list until I used it last night to heat up Spaghetti-O's (the culinary joys of moving and living among mountains of boxes).  The electric stove plate was effective and efficient.  We used it again tonight to make dinner and was really impressed with its performance.

Our sink is both killer awesome and killer awful.  It's a relationship in progress.

Running update:

I got into the Broad Street Run.  I have to establish a running routine again so my plan is to start slowly by doing three easy runs per week now through the end of February.  Once March comes, I'll need to follow a training plan.  I'm really excited about this run and can't wait to get back into the swing of running.

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pam said...

Congratulations! LOVE the Jenn Air stove....brings back lots of memories for me! Can't wait to see more pictures of your house....keep'em coming!